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This Week's Healthy Tip

What’s Your Intention for The New Year?

Mine is “The Good Present.” The longer version, “to be good at being present,” is a little too long for easy recall.

One way I use it is as a mantra that helps me let go of thoughts that distract me from being present to the person I am with or to experience the richness of the world.

My intention also keeps me from falling into the trap of perfectionism (a tendency I have that can rob me of enjoying life). It accomplishes this by the choice of the word “good” versus perfect, thus making it ok to fail sometimes.

So far I love my intention and enjoy keeping it. I especially love that I do not have to do it all the time, that some of the time is good enough.

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We assert that there is a preferred way to invest in your health...The Healing Radiant:

  1. Invest in " YOU," your own health:
    body, mind and spirit;
  2. <b>The Healing Radiant</b>

  3. Make Your Lifestyle healthy;
  4. Need help beyond this, use Natural Therapies;
  5. Need further help, use the Least Invasive Therapies (those that work with your natural ability to heal and have the least potential for harm);

  6. Use More Invasive Therapies when other therapies don’t work or you need urgent care such as with a bad accident, nerve injury or risk of life or limb.

You’ll discover how to use The Healing Radiant in our Blog, Natural-Healing-Health Articles, and Healthy Tips.

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