Emotional Freedom Technique Helps Free the
Stressful Emotions of Cancer

Emotional Freedom Technique has been used for many years to clear limiting beliefs, emotional trauma, phobias, and help pain, as well as aid the recovery and treatment of cancer patients.

The simple method is incredibly powerful, and has helped many suffering patients around the world learn to enjoy life again and jumpstart their cancer treatments.

What is
Emotional Freedom Technique?

Developed by Gary Craig, it is a systematic way of dealing with tough emotions that otherwise impede on normal life. This unique blend of mind body healing and energy healing entails tapping on meridian points on specific areas of your face, head, and body. This tapping is designed to "clear out" these meridian points, which is theoretically where the emotion lies.

One can think of it as resetting their emotional state, effectively clearing out stuck paths within their body.

Cancer patients understandably suffer a high level of stress, especially in consultations with doctors. Those who are told that they have breast cancer, or even rare forms of cancer like mesothelioma are often in a state of agony after their diagnosis.

This simply makes it more difficult to recover, as the body is utilizing the majority of its resources on these powerful but useless emotions.

How Does it Help Those with Cancer?

Emotional Freedom Technique, also called EFT, is helpful at stressful times. For example, after a cancer diagnosis, the typical patient experiences fear and anger.

Although it's normal to experience these emotions for awhile, when they last too long they create stress hormones that utilize the body's resources. This, in turn, causes treatment to be prolonged and delayed in an otherwise healthy body.

"When Dad was first diagnosed with mesothelioma, it was a nightmare. The doctor repeatedly stressed the importance of Dad starting his ‘treatments’ right away. Between the tests, consultations and working with the insurance company, it felt like we hardly had time to breathe, much less research to see what we could do. I talked to my acupuncturist. She said in China the first thing offered to a patient receiving a diagnosis of cancer is emotional support. I wish I had known that before." – Julie M.

EFT works to vanquish the feelings of despair and sadness that these patients feel. Immediately after a treatment, patients are noticeably happier and have a brand new outlook on life.

The undesired emotions that we hold within us serve as blockages of positivity within our bodies. By tapping on meridian points while reciting phrases often tailored by your EFT practitioner, the body becomes revitalized. The mind can now be used to heal the body rather than wreak havoc internally.

In addition, emotional freedom technique helps in other ways. By constantly releasing undesired emotions, one's entire life is transformed. Relationships are improved, happiness is more frequent, and energy levels undoubtedly soar through the roof.

Cancer patients should consider continuing EFT practice long after their treatment is over, as it only helps with the challenges of life.

A number of studies have shown that cancer treatment is most effective when combined with support groups and alternative healing techniques. EFT is one of these supplements, and is best utilized when done with an EFT consultant or a friend. The human support adds significantly to the releasing experience.

Key Points

EFT, one of many natural healing therapies, releases tough emotions that might otherwise impede healing. Its simple but profound method of tapping on key meridian points and reciting positive phases can free the mind to heal the body.

Testimonials and information about emotional freedom technique are now widely available.

Guest Author, Melanie Bowen

Advocate for Natural Health and Cancer

Source and Resources

Craig, Gary, The EFT Manual (Santa Rosa, CA: Energy Psychology Press, 2008).

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