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Is Centrifugal Force Separating You From Happy Holidays?

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Is Centrifugal Force Separating You From Happy Holidays?

The holidays offer time and rituals to give and receive, and enjoy nourishing, nurturing feelings like love and gratitude. Yet, it’s easy to miss these blessings by letting obstacles like unrealistic expectations and habits of behaving get in the way.

If you made a list of these obstacles, at the core you would find being separated from your center, your being.

Centrifugal Force

For instance, a friend once told me, “Nancy, it seems like the world is a centrifuge pulling me away from what I value the most, just being me.”

The fast spinning centrifuge pulls things away from their center as it creates centrifugal force. Centrifugal force comes from the Latin words centrum, meaning "center,” and fugere, meaning "to flee.”

It was such an apt image that I quickly applied it to my own life.

During the holidays, I get caught up in lots of activities: getting ahead in my work, buying gifts, and on and on. I create a whirlwind (like a centrifuge) around me that pulls me away from what I really want; being fully present with those I love.

So, how do you stop the centrifuge and get re-centered in your being? Well, here’s one powerful way:

The Insight

It came to me as an intuitive insight. As I was scurrying around a few months ago, a voice within me said, “Hurry won’t help.” It was not an earth shattering insight. It was simple common sense. Yet, it held profound meaning that shined light on what I was doing that kept my “centrifuge” spinning.

I understood at a deep level what would help me be more present to myself and my loved ones. I needed to slow down. “Hurry” is almost always about being somewhere else versus being where you are, about activity versus being.

I’m not alone with this habit of activity and hurry. In fact, being in a hurry is so prevalent that some term it “hurry sickness.” It’s a sickness because it separates you from your true being, it causes stress and all the diseases that arise from it like high blood pressure and depression.

The Invitations

The holiday season invites us to give and receive, and express our love and gratitude.

I invite you to give yourself a present this season by being present to your self and those you love. Take a deep breath and slow down. Hurry won’t help!

Have Wonderful Holidays!

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See you next issue!

With gratitude for your presence,

Nancy Moore

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